Artwork by Suzanne LaFleur

Introducing ‘Suzanne’s Circle’ Spotlight Series

Suzanne's Studio

Suzanne’s Studio

For Suzanne, one of the best things about being an artist in New York City is having the opportunity to cross paths with so many people who make up the city’s dynamic landscape. In addition to the visual arts, many of these individuals have backgrounds in music, theater, literature, television, and film as well as science, politics, business, nightlife, and hospitality. Lately, she has connected with some really interesting and inspiring individuals through her studio soirées as well as goings on about town.

It has been amazing to see how Suzanne’s studio has brought together artists, gallerists, collectors, curators, and scholars with politicians, business leaders, and scientists under the same roof.  The atmosphere is always amicable – wine helps – and any pretensions are shed at the door.  We thought it would be nice to offer our readers deeper access to these fascinating people.  So we started Suzanne’s Circle, a spotlight series which will include a short profile of each person, a mini interview, as well as details about any interesting projects on which they are working.

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