Artwork by Suzanne LaFleur

Press Release

Untamed: New Work By Suzanne LaFleur On View At The Historic Bogardus Mansion

New York, NY – The exhibition titled Untamed marked the New York solo debut for artist Suzanne LaFleur. The presentation unveiled LaFleur’s latest large-scale oil paintings and pastel drawings. On view from May 15 through May 24, 2012, Untamed took place at the Bogardus Mansion, a historic landmark of Tribeca.

Observed in these latest works is a clear directional change in style for LaFleur. Known for her visual meditations on color and texture, the artist now employs a powerful, at times aggressive execution of line. Presented are stirring abstract compositions that pulsate with energy and tension felt through the interaction between line, color, and form. Recalling the creative spirits of Joan Mitchell, Franz Kline, and Helen Frankenthaler, LaFleur filters these inspirations through her own artistic sensibility. Recent trips to the deep south of the United States, the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, and Beirut, Lebanon have provided further visual stimuli from which to draw her dramatic imagery.

Highlights in the exhibition include a painting measuring 52 x 40 inches, which showcases LaFleur’s expressive use of line to create a surface that is fragmented with blue contours and angular shapes of white, red, and orange-yellow. At the center of a smaller painting measuring 18 x 24 inches is a turbulent cloud of colors ranging from blackish blue to neon orange and turquoise. The tense mass hovers in sharp contrast to its surrounding environment composed of subtle blues and pink. Observed in another key work is a bold layering of gestural brushstrokes built up to the point that line becomes form. Consequently, depth is sensed through the play of color and texture on the painting’s surface.

Suzanne LaFleur is a New York based painter. For 20 years, she lived intermittently between Lebanon, Kuwait, Cannes, and Monaco before returning back to New York in 2008. Her paintings have been exhibited in many galleries, diplomatic embassies, and exhibition halls throughout Europe and Asia. Her work is also in the personal collections of numerous royal families of the Middle East.