Artwork by Suzanne LaFleur

Reflections of Summer 2014 Part II

Suzanne was born in Southampton and lived there until early adulthood. Known for its tranquil beauty and atmosphere, the area lured artists and writers such as Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and John Steinback. Each summer, she returns to Southampton to reconnect with its dreamy landscapes and artistic legacy. For these reasons, memory, place and nature are the integral themes driving her latest painting series “Serene Refuge.”

“Serene Refuge” marks Suzanne’s brazen return to painting after a period of working mainly with pastel on paper. The works are best described as monumental. Their large size demanded that Suzanne formulate a new technique. Instead of painting with an easel, she laid unstretched canvases on the floor and poured paint directly onto the surface. Of this new approach, she says, “I had to be really in tune with the materials  – how paint was going to react with the canvas, how formal elements such as color and form were going to behave as more paint was added.” The act of painting became very physical. And more than ever before, Suzanne’s presence is sensed thoughout “Serene Refuge.”She worked on the series through spring and early summer. A few pieces were displayed at ArtHamptons and Art Southampton in July, generating an enthusiastic response from fair goers. Buzz for Suzanne’s upcoming solo exhibition aptly titled “Serene Refuge” at Lawrence Fine Art immediately followed.

Located in the heart of East Hampton’s main drag, Lawrence Fine Art specializes in contemporary and historic-modern art. The gallery boasts a dynamic roster of leading artists including Arthur Pinajian, Marjorie Strider, and John Matos (aka CRASH). Suzanne was thrilled to unveil her new work there.

“Serene Refuge” opened with an artist reception on Saturday, August 2nd. Despite the rainy weather, guests came out to support Suzanne and see her latest creations. The crowd reflected the dynamic energy of The Hamptons’ social scene during summer. Suzanne wore an elegant scarlet dress that bore a striking similarity to the red pulsating throughout many of her canvases. Pernod Ricard USA generously sponsored the event, serving seasonal drinks mixed to complement the theme ‘Serene Refuge.’ The opening was featured in the “Night Life” section of Black Tie Magazine, a philanthropic, celebrity and society publication.

The events that accompany Suzanne’s exhibitions and projects are best described as “happenings.” There is an energy and mood about them, which extends far beyond pretentious and self-promoting conversation and free drinks. Simply put, they are a good time for all. The salon-like atmosphere includes live music and perhaps a short discussion. The goal is to encourage free discussion, new relationships, and fun. This sums up the closing reception for “Serene Refuge.” Once again, guests turned out to celebrate Suzanne’s latest artistic achievements.




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