Artwork by Suzanne LaFleur

Surprise Performance Delights Soirée Guests

Whether or not most of us care to admit it, the new year signals a fresh start. And often times, this new period gives good reason to look forward to new opportunities and experiences.  This is definitely the case for Suzanne.  She has a lot of exciting projects taking shape for 2013, all of which will be discussed in upcoming posts.

One item on this year’s agenda is to make the studio soirées a regular happening.  Suzanne is already off to a good start and hosted a soirée in early January.  This was the third Harlem gathering and by far the biggest and most eclectic.  Guests came from a myriad of backgrounds – classical music, jazz, art, business, fashion, television, and non-profit.

Tom Lollar and Leo Cruet

Print Benefit Project

The group included Tom Lollar, Director Emeritus of Lincoln Center Visual Arts who recently founded Print Benefit Project with Paul Limperopulos, also in attendance.  Print Benefit Project works with non-profit organizations, matching them with artists to create limited edition prints for fundraising.


Sandy Frank and John Devol

Arts Horizons

John Devol, Founder of Arts Horizons, a non-profit on a mission to educate and enrich the lives of children through the arts stopped by.  Another guest was Sandy Frank, the television producer who worked on the production and distribution of well-known shows such as Battle of the Planets and Name That Tune.  


Stuart Wallace, Alden Gatt, and Suzanne

Alden Gatt

Classical pianist Alden Gatt came by. Alden has performed as a soloist and collaborator at the National Opera House, New York Opera Exchange, and Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra. He still finds time to teach, lending his knowledge and expertise to help guide youth in developing their own musical skills.

On this occasion, Alden surprised guests with his riveting impromptu performance on the piano.

The combination of live music, good food and wine, and great conversation made for another memorable evening. One of the best aspects about these soirées is that they provide a chance for very different people to get together on one night to talk and get to know each other. There is always the possibility of making new contacts and friends.  There is also the hope that guests leave with new understandings and appreciations.



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