Artwork by Suzanne LaFleur

The Studio Soirée

Suzanne with Hardof Wolf,  Haim Zitman, and friend Mary

Suzanne with Hardof Wolf, Haim Zitman, and friend

The holiday season seems to always put people in party mode.  This past season provided the perfect time for Suzanne to host another studio soirée.  Spirits were high on this particular evening in late December.  Wine and good conversation flowed with ease.  Suzanne’s paintings became a kind of backdrop for the night’s jovial scene.  These gatherings are only getting bigger and more eclectic with guests who come from very different backgrounds.

It is such a pleasure to see people come together and connect in way that most typical events related to art, business, or music really do not allow.  At one point, the mix of guests included banker Hardof Wolf, inventor Haim Zitman, film Producer Jennifer DeLia, classical pianist Alden Gatt, and mural/street artist Joel Bergner.

Dec19_3Now for a little introduction to some of the guests. Alden Gatt studied at the prestigious Eastman School of Music.  He is not only a thrilling performer, but is also an inspiring teacher who works with youth, helping his students find their connection with music.  Alden  has appeared in solo and collaborative recitals for the National Opera Center, New York Opera Exchange, and Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra.

Jennifer holds many titles including screenwriter, actress, director, artist, and humanitarian. Directors Oliver Stone, David Chapelle, and Won Kar Wai are just some of the names with whom she has worked.  She runs the production company, Poverty Row Entertainment,  with Julie Pacino and together, they are working on the “The Mary Pickford Project.”  Having exclusive movie rights to the definitive biography “Pickford The Woman Who Made Hollywood” by Eileen Whitfield, they are positioned to make a breakthrough work about this early pioneer of motion pictures.

Haim Zitman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Metrosleep.  Thanks to Zitman and his company, many people are sleeping easier at night.  Metrosleep’s work and research is responsible for creating products that alleviate sleep apnea through at-home testing and treatment.

Joel Bergner’s inspiring “Action Ashée! Global Mural Project”  focuses on bringing hope and positivity to the lives of those who have been marginalized or misunderstood by society.

Check back soon to see who stops by the next Studio Soirée!

Suzanne with Jennifer DeLia

Suzanne with Jennifer DeLia



View into the studio

View into the studio

David Grossman with guest

David Grossman Beverly Hadlley, USAid

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